Russell A. Solomon

Russell A. Solomon Talks About The Horror of the Holocaust


Russell A. SolomonWhen things aren’t going well, some, like Hilter, focus the blame on a particular people, in his case–the Jews. “While anti-Semitism wasn’t new,” said Russell A. Solomon, “the cruelty of the Nazis brought terror to a new level.”



Hilter and His Superior Race

Russell A. Solomon said, “Most believe Hilter was German. He wasn’t. He was an Austrian who identified with the German people, believing they had descended from a superior Aryan race.” Many who consider another race subhuman or inferior seek to enslave them. Hilter’s hatred was so sociopathic, he determined to totally eradicate a whole race of humans.


Hilter’s Perverted View of German Jews

Russell A. Solomon research points out that when Hilter took control, some 66 million people lived in Germany. Of these only 550,000 were Jews. These Jews contributed to the well-being of the country. Over 16% of lawyers were Jewish, 10% of the doctors and 5% of the authors. Jews were also important in the banking industry.

Instead of seeing the contributions of the Jew as beneficial, Hilter viewed them with suspicion. To his twisted mind, the Jews stole jobs and income away from those of the master race. When he gained power, he made Jews the scapegoats to everything wrong in the country as espoused by Russell A. Solomon.


Persecution of Jewish Citizens

Russell A. Solomon points out that once the Nazis gained power, persecution snowballed. Jews lost their jobs, lost mobility of movement, lost property and finally were herded into camps where they were totally segregated from the general population. Restaurants and other businesses refused to serve them. Finally, they were treated worse than animals.

While Hilter assured the world that Jews were not being mistreated, by 1938, the Nazis confiscated property, burned homes and imprisoned or murdered Jews. Most average German citizens were either ignorant of what was happening or were too afraid to stand up for Jewish friends and neighbors. According to John Doe, Hilter provided employment for German citizens, making it easier to support him.


No Safety Anywhere

Jews fled Germany to the surrounding countries. To their horror, Hilter swallowed up country after country. Jews, were hunted in every conquered country. It didn’t matter if they were children or adults, the Jews were gathered up and murdered. Russell A. Solomon said, “Jews, and often those who tried to shield them, were tortured, used for experimentation or gassed.”


Russell A. Solomon points out that anti-Semitism was at the roots of the Holocaust. In the 20th Century, this led to the loss of over 6 million Jewish lives.


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